Steve makes 2D animated films. Below are some examples.





The Rift. Animation. Click on teaser below.

Teaser Trailer.






'The Collector' gets over ten Thousand hits from horror Channel fans.



Steve's Broadcast credits include

AWN tv

Zone horror channel UK 2006

Propeller TV channel 195 UK May 2007, June 2007.

Illusion TV US 2006/7

Steve has had several of his film exhibited on the big screen in cinemas around the country.

The Odeon London's West End  'the Collector' 2006

The Classic Liverpool ' the Collector'  2006 {the collector will be shown on the giant screen in Liverpool as part of

the 08 celebrations}

The Vue  Manchester  'Jo Naa'  2007

Film Festivals

Official selection Milan short film festival. Judges include Ridley Scott, Rutger Hauer and Robert Rodriguez.

S2F2 Short film festival Liverpool .Finalist.

Official selection Zone Horror film festival  Finalist.Judges include Rob Tapert,{Evil Dead} Lloyd Kaufman.{Troma Films}


Steve will be restarting 'The Rift' in 2013.


Barbra fett 2


The Big Picture.

Screen shots of this animation commissioned by the Bible Society UK.


Some stills from a new animation for Starfish IT  a recruitment company







To watch this click on link below. Now has had over 150,000 hits.


    Official selection S2F2 Film Festival


EARTH 1 available on

Jo Naa .

Big story little film festival.

 Has been short listed for a prize. Judges include Nick Park{Wallace and Gromit}



The collector Pt 2.'' The Last Noel''  now available to view

 International short films Festival Catalogue page.

Official selection Milan short film festival 2008.


Some background Art.


Clara and the Manatee. Official Selection S2F2 film festival. Finalist.


Animation stills from 'Clara and the Manatee'

To watch this click on link below.

for new sound track


Barbra Fett

The Play Readers based on Mel Brooks's 'The Producers'

Flying Fish.


The Collector




To View See

Also featured in Lloyd Kaufman interview


Official selection Zone Horror film festival 2007 Finalist.

Still from 'The Collector' Ludicrous Films .

The collector is available to load to your mobile at

under, Cut short films. The Collector was short listed to be screened at

the Zone Horror film festival 2006 in London's West End Odeon.

The judges of the short film category were Rob Tapert producer {the Grudge,Evil Dead}

and Troma film Director Lloyd Kaufman. The collector came in fifth place out of ten finalists.

the judges comments were as follows. ''Terrific! Beautifully drawn, evocative atmosphere ,nicely animated

a real treat.''

To watch this click on link below.







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