character/ Creature Design


















Alien designs. For Random House publishing.



10 minute Aliens.These are warm up sketches with no longer than 10 minutes spent on each one.

These are drawn from memory just for fun.



Strongbow ad Character designs


Rough sketch for battle field scene.



DEAD END. The Movie.

Here are some character costume design comparisons sketches with the finished costume.

Make up concept sketch above.

Jill Greenacre in make up playing Bones in 'Dead End'

John Campling as Diggs.


Jamie Foreman as Dog.



Characters for a project in development.



New project in development



Robot Character designs for Carlsberg TV advert {Also See storyboard section}






Character concept

Character concept


Devil character. 'Angels and Devils Blueprint films.


 Alien/ Monkey



first pass roughs for a new project in development for Dragonlady films

'The Shadow master' see




Vehicle design for a new project 'Kismet' a graphic novel being created in collaboration with the

writer/Director Shamin Desai. More of this coming soon.


Designs for the character Ray in commissioned animation 'the Big Picture'

This is the character design TBS chose {also see animation}






Character concept for animation - Grasshorse Animation  






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