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A South East Asia version of the box art.



Steve has joined the cast and crew as Storyboard and concept artist of 'Victrix' a Blockbuster action movie to be shot in 2014.

More here soon.



Hard Shoulder has been selected for a prize at the Marbella International film festival 2013.


Blade runner painting by Steve sells at Charity auction for the Rutger Hauer's Starfish Association.

Helping Mothers and children with HIV and Aids. 2013



Steve is Developing a 2D animation called The Rift. See teaser trailer below.



Dead End /Hard Shoulder at Washington DC International film festival 2013



Some of the cast at the Dead End Premiere. 2013



Dead End/ AKA Hard Shoulder


Steve going into see Dead End AKA Hard Shoulder on the big screen

At the Plaza Cinema Liverpool. 2013



Steve, Wil Johnson, Angela Dixon, {Two Stars} Nicholas David Lean {Director} at the Music Video and Screen Awards ,where

Hard Shoulder took the best film Award. Steve was Associate producer also responsible for Storyboards,Concept art Matte artwork

as well as other art department stuff. 2012



Steve attended the Cast and Crew screening of Hard Shoulder at Pinewood

Studios recently. Steve Commented ''The film looks and sounds fantastic on the big screen''

Steve was responsible for ,Matte art,Concept designs and storyboards as well as being

Associate producer. 2012




Steve Talking to the Director Nicholas David Lean on location at Millbrook testing track.

Where we filmed all the exteriors on 'Hard Shoulder' as well as the fantastic car stunt.

{interesting trivia.} The car stunt was performed on the same piece of road as the famous

record breaking car stunt in 'Casino Royal'. 2009

Camera crew on the set of 'Hard Shoulder' in Three Mills Studios London. 2009




Rutger Hauer Presenting awards at the Milan Short film festival where Steve's animation was officially selected.


  Some stills from the film.


Collectamania Milton Keynes 2002

This is a view of the Event which took place at the MK shopping centre


Steve Simmons


Here you can see Steve in the middle of his airbrush demonstration, a Blade Runner montage featuring  Rutger Hauer who was a guest signer at the

 Collectamania  event 2005


Finished artwork


This is the finished demonstration artwork.


Rutger Hauer


Rutger Hauer Came to visit Steve and view the painting demo.

Rutger Hauer

He bought a painting

of his Roy Batty character {Blade Runner}

He said ''It was the best Roy Batty portrait he had see.''


Temuera Morrison


Temuera Morrison, who played Jango Fett in the Star Wars films bought ten paintings!

''they are for all my nieces and nephews'' he said.


Fantastic Film Festival 2001

Ray Harryhausen


Here is a photograph of Ray Harryhausen signing an airbrush demonstration Steve is part way through. Mr Harryhausen was the special guest at the Manchester Fantastic Film Festival, and a particular hero of Steve's.'

''I grew up on Harryhausen films. They always showed them a Christmas time. This was when it was a treat!

to see these movies. To a five year old at the time they where truly eye popping. My favourite was Jason and the Argonauts.'' Steve

Ray Harryhausen tribute painting.

This photo shows Steve still hard at work on the demonstration painting, with Ray's signature on the right hand side.




Memorabilia NEC

Here we can see Steve part way through his airbrush demonstration at Birmingham's NEC Memorabilia event.



Steve paints a wall size Star Wars montage for the Exwing fund raisers every year.

Honiton Star Wars 2005 Charity event . Steve finishing off


Steve Simmons


Honiton Star Wars Charity event 2004. half way mark.



Honiton 2002

Charity Event

Here you can see an airbrush demonstration at its half way stage, it features all the  guests who attended this Star Wars Charity Event in Honiton.





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