Movie and other Concept art


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Here are some examples Conceptual art for film, TV, Ads and music video's.

and  for some exciting new Film projects in development.

From Horror and Sci/fi to Thrillers and Historical drama.

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Steve was asked by 'Working Title' to create Poster Concepts for the movie 'Les Miserables' Here are a few examples.

The finished Photoshop Poster artwork is middle Top.


Les Miserables




















































The forever War















The Rift. Concepts for animation.











Rough ideas concept paintings for Carlsberg Ad.







Final finished Concept art.










Concept art for Terence Davies's new movie 'Sunset Song' Starring Peter Mulan. Set to shoot this Summer.











































A new fantasy film in development 'The Wicked Mr Danior'




The Forever war



New concepts for various film in development.

















The Forever War
















































































































































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