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Here are some original paintings on Canvas and board from my back

catalogue of work for sale. All purchases please include 20.00 p&p

Please contact me at for details.


Original painting used for the 'A Clockwork Orange' movie poster

Acrylic on Large format canvas 27x34 inch approx. 4000.00


Alien. Acrylic on large format canvas. 27x34 inch approx. 300.00 .


Alien Head. Acrylic on large format canvas 31x31 approx. 300.00


Alien based on H.R.Gigers original sketches. Acrylic on Large format canvas.

27x34 inch approx. 300.00



Angel. Acrylic on board 18x25 approx. 250.00


More coming soon..






Some Previously Published work.


Just a few examples of Steve's published work.






A Clockwork Orange poster {Acrylic on canvas}




These are publicity designs for a forthcoming feature film.

Steve has also been asked to draw the storyboard for this film.



DVD cover for Dragonladyfilms  {this was Jack Cardiffs final film as DP}


Acrylic on board





Poster-Edition Jupiter Posters




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 concept art


character designs


Exhibitions and Events  

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