Steve can provide storyboards for film ,TV, Theatre and Ads.


Below are some examples of Steve's Storyboard work. Only portions

of the whole Storyboards are shown.






Storyboards for a Gillette Ad.


Some Shooting Storyboards for a recent Horror Feature.



Jim Beam ad. thumbs and some finals.





Below are some Storyboards Steve did for Roger Christian {Star Wars}
















Boards for a WW2 Movie.







A few boards from a new production 'Mind Heist' 2012







  'The Darkness' In preproduction {Covent Garden/Stealth media Group}


A portion of a storyboard for a new TV sitcom 'Washed up'


Portion of Storyboard for' 7lives' Starring Danny Dyer and Kate Ashfield on general

release 10th October 2011





Dead End/Hard Shoulder Storyboards.

Here are a tiny portion of the work Steve did on the Storyboard for the Film

Hard Shoulder. The final count came to 1143 hand drawn frames.

Here you can see a portion of the storyboard which stretched the entire length

of the production office at 3 Mills Studios London.

Below you can see some stills from the film next to the corresponding storyboard frame.

watch the trailer





A portion of the Storyboard for 'One last hit' about to go into production.



First pass for new short film. 'That thing you Drew'



Short film 'Rain' Aspectratio productions


Gods Guilty Conscience. short.



''The other side of my sleep'' from writer/Director Raff Degrottola  see



Storyboards for Carlsberg TV Advertisement

{See also character designs section for the many robot designs Steve had

to come up with before the final characters were realised.}

Portion of a Music Video Storyboard to see the finished video click here





Feature film Storyboard sequence. {in development} three in one films.







portion from a short film.


Rough First pass storyboard.'7 Lives' Feature. Starfish Films London. See IMDb teaser trailer

On general release 10th October 2011.





storyboards for Bluprint Films. Xisle movie.


Storyboards for feature. Steve created over a thousands frames for Banoo films new production.

Roundheads and Cavaliers.


Storyboard flashback sequence for 'Hotel Caledonia'.Oceanstorm films.



these storyboards are for a CG animation  Hanley Associates.






These are just some examples of Steve's storyboarding .

company animated logo storyboard for advertisement  Iron Venus.




'THE CORPSE FLOWER' for more of this storyboard Visit {you may have to type it in to get the site.}   If you have a Film idea short or long, Steve is available to storyboard it for you   Fees negotiable.


'grave yard sequence'

'the jazzbo flash back'  storyboard sequence.


'The graveyard'  storyboard sequence.

'the church'   storyboard  sequence





SANCTUARY  rough pass   Storyboard

Rough first pass 'Sanctuary' the first reusable film. Mod Films Director     Michela Ledwige


ALIEN vs. PREDATOR ' big scrap'  storyboard




'The Last man' {working title}  storyboard   Director James Carew   feature in development.









Second pass  'Sanctuary'  ModFilms  Director Michela Ledwidge



'The Tell Tale Heart'  Dragonfly films  {DP Jack Cardiff} for more see imdb.  


The Tell Tale Heart. To see the finished film click here



Film concept art 



Exhibitions and Events

Previously Published work

character designs

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